How to Inspire Yourself
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Learn how to increase positive self-talk and cultivate a better internal monologue. When you have thoughts of doubt, refer to these 3 exercises to get inspired and unstuck! This blog focuses on cultivating our intrapersonal communication skills. Make your inner voice a positive force in your life :)

"Well, we just had that brainstorming session, but I still have no idea what to do next."

Sound familiar?

The next time you find yourself in that situation, give these three exercises a go and get yourself inspired and unstuck. 

Today’s communication lesson focuses on intrapersonal communications.

Specifically, I’d like to share with you 3 ways to inspire yourself.

Now, you may be thinking what does this have to do with communications?

Well, intrapersonal communications is the internal dialogue we have with ourselves all day. 

In fact, we spend most of the day with our thoughts, right? 

However, many of us spend more time with worrisome thoughts rather than inspiring thoughts. And I want to help you have more inspiring thoughts.

Here are my 3 tips to help you inspire yourself.

Channel Your Avatar

Think of your hero and channel their strength and other qualities you admire, this can be a character from a book, movie, your favorite series, etc.

You can think of a marvel superhero: my favorite is wonder woman. Or if you’re an anime fan, my favorite is Chihiro from Spirited Away. 

Once you have your hero in mind, pick 3 qualities that you admire and transfer them to you.

When you approach a situation or tackle a challenge, think to yourself “what would Chihiro do here?” or “How would Wonder Woman rise to meet this challenge?”

You’ll find that this will inspire you to think, speak, and behave like the person you admire.

Creativity exists at the intersection of learning and challenge. (Mary Daphne)

Escape Your Echo Chamber

Read three articles on topics that you don’t normally read about.

Instead of going for that article or story that you would typically go for, get outside your comfort zone.

Choose to read something that you have no idea about, this will expand the horizons of your mind and thoughts.

We’re trying to disrupt patterns here, so I’ll even go out on a limb and encourage you to choose a topic that you might not even interest you.

What this will force you to do is challenge your current worldview, teach you something new, and get you to think differently about something.

When you get out of your element and attempt to learn something new, you are triggering new neural pathways. 

Creativity exists at the intersection of learning and challenge.

Become An Idea Machine 

For 1 week, come up with 5 new ideas each day. This is adapted from an exercise in James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself” book, which I can highly recommend!

You can come up with as many or as few ideas as you would like, but five is enough to get your mind going. Don’t psyche yourself out with the pressure of coming up with tons of ideas.

Under promise and over deliver. So set the bar low with 5 (or even fewer) ideas and you’ll find that you might even exceed your own expectations!

I used this for one month while I was in a creativity slump and I was amazed by how it reinvigorated my mind. 

What’s really cool about this is after some practice, generating new ideas becomes second nature to you and it takes very little effort.

I prefer doing this in a notebook, because there are no distractions and the tactile sensation of putting pen to paper.

These exercises will help you foster more positive self-talk and promote thoughts that inspire rather than worry you.

If we have a sound mind, with fewer worries, we’ll be able to have a healthier outlook on life and stronger relationships.

Add these 3 exercises to your Explearning communications toolkit, try them out, and make them your own.

I’ll see you in the next lesson. 😊

Happy Explearning 🐝

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