Dell Hymes Speaking Model in Action + Everyday Examples (Live)

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In this live stream, we talk about applying the Dell Hymes Speaking Model in everyday situations. We provide real-world examples of the S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G framework that makes up communicative competence, which will improve your social skills!

Dell Hymes created the SPEAKING framework, which is a great tool to help us become better communicators within our own speech communities but also across various cultures.

In our live stream conversation, we review the eight components comprising S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G, which is a mnemonic device that stands for the following:

  • S: Speaking
  • P: Participants
  • E: Ends
  • A: Acts Sequences 
  • K: Key
  • I: Instrumentalities 
  • N: Norms
  • G: Genre

Watch the live stream replay to join the conversation and comment below with your thoughts, experiences, and ideas!

Use this tool to help prepare for speech acts you will perform (i.e., inviting someone on a date, giving a speech, apologizing, networking, negotiating, etc.) to help ease social anxiety around the speech act. 

The SPEAKING model will also come in handy when you are studying abroad, living overseas, working in another country where you are learning the new language and becoming more attuned to the culture. If you take time to tease out each of the eight components, your communicative competence will improve dramatically!

Also, check out the introductory lesson on the Dell Hymes Speaking Model, created within the ethnographic study of language use. 

Use the Dell Hymes framework to improve communicative competence during cross-cultural interactions as well. It is so important when learning a new language, to understand the interplay between language and culture. Find out more in this lesson here

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