Constructive Criticism vs Destructive Criticism

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What is the difference between feedback and criticism? How can we provide constructive criticism instead of destructive criticism? Learn about the different types of criticism in this Livestream. We discuss better ways of providing feedback.

Feedback is an important part of improvement.

With all communication, the effectiveness of the feedback is belied in the transmission of the message.

There's good feedback and bad feedback which can be delivered in a good way or a bad way. 

That's the simple version of criticism. 

Upon further inspection, there is constructive criticism, whose aim is improvement, and there's destructive criticism, whose aim is to render the recipient inferior. 

You guessed it. Destructive criticism is not only pernicious because it's easily perceived as an “ad hominem” (attack on the person) but also an ineffective form of feedback.

In this Livestream we unpack the following:

  • importance of feedback
  • feedback vs criticism
  • constructive criticism vs destructive criticism
  • examples of destructive criticism
  • appropriate communication channels for criticism
  • the “checklist" for providing criticism/feedback
  • substantiating your feedback
  • why communication channels matter
  • communication is context-dependent
  • where the Dell Hymes Speaking Model shines

Check out our lesson about how to respond to public criticism and how to provide effective criticism

Feel free to leave a comment (on YouTube) with your own experience giving and receiving criticism. And if you have any insights you'd like to share with the Explearning community, feel free to do that as well.

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