The best way to practice public speaking is ALONE in 6 Steps

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Practicing public speaking alone is one of the best ways to improve your public speaking skills. Learn how to refine a speech, improve your talk, and practice your talking points before a meeting. If you want to practice your speech, watch this video. I give you six strategies for improving public speaking skills!

Practice public speaking alone. Believe it or not there is a way to practice public speaking by yourself.

I’m going to share the steps you can take to practice public speaking on your own. And you’ll come to see it’s both effective and fun!


There are six steps to this, ready? Let’s go!

Analyze TedTalks

  • Choose a few different talks by different TedTalkers and analyze the following:
  • Hook
  • Structure of the speech
  • Flow of the talk
  • Personal flare
  • Pitch and volume
  • Hand gestures
  • Facial expressions
  • Movement on the stage
  • Engaging with visual aids
  • Interacting with the audience

These are what I included but your list might be slightly different. Whatever you note and whatever is important to you, add it to your list. This will become your checklist so you’re going to be including these elements in your own talk.

Write Your Own Talk

Feel free to choose your own topic by all means. But if you’re struggling with what to talk about then you can use a topic that you’re passionate about or you can seek inspiration from one of the TedTalks you watched but write your own. The point is to focus on the priorities for you. If you want to focus on storytelling, do that. If you focus on structure, cohesiveness and overall flow do that.

Delivery - Record Yourself 

What aspect of delivery do you want to focus on the most? Make that the priority. Trying to focus on too many things at once can be overwhelming. Instead, choose one and slowly add elements you want to improve upon.

Objective Feedback

What went well? What can you improve? How did the TedTalker do it? How can you make this better? What steps are you taking to improve that item on your public speaking checklist? It’s important to be truthful but gentle with yourself. Don’t tear yourself apart but also don’t rest on your laurels.  

Record Yourself a Second Time

Maybe you’re happy with your initial focus and want to add a second thing to focus on in delivery. Now’s the time to incorporate it. Incorporate the feedback you’ve given yourself into this next recording.


In most contexts we like to steer clear of comparison, but in this specific case it is an educational tool. So there are two points of comparison you’re going to make. First, compare recordings 1 and 2. What changes have you noticed between the first and second time around?
And then compare the better of the two recordings with the TedTalk. Given how you wrote your own talk the content will be different, but the point is to focus on the delivery of the speech. Are you engaging the audience? How’s your prosody and articulation? How is your tone of voice? What about nonverbals?


So as you can see you can 100% practice public speaking by yourself. Once you go through the six steps you might want to rinse and repeat with a new talk, why not? Practice makes progress, and that’s what we’re getting after.


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