Conflict Resolution for Shy, Sensitive, Introverted People (Live)

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We discuss conflict resolution for shy, sensitive, introverted people in this Livestream. Learn how to handle conflict and tense communication situations by implementing these conflict management strategies.

In this Livestream, we discuss some additional ways of resolving conflict with or as a sensitive person.

Watch the replay for more details on the following concepts that surfaced during this riveting discuss:

  • importance of active listening
  • role of empathetic listening
  • why patience is imperative
  • having emotional intelligence
  • dissolving the ego
  • open dialogue
  • tapping into your zen avatar, paragon of serenity
  • being positive and kind
  • meeting in person

You can check out our lesson on Conflict Management for Sensitive People here


The term BATNA is something I first encountered in this book, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
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