Communicate with Empathy and Compassion (Live)

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Learn how to increase your empathy in social interaction. Through emphatic listening, empathetic communication, and understanding emotions we can have more meaningful interactions. Once we understand our own emotions better, we will be more empathetic towards others.

Empathy: The Missing Ingredient to Clear Communication

Empathy and compassion are essential for effective communication and smooth social interactions. 

Empathy is being able to understand how someone is feeling and share that experience with them.

Compassion is about feeling compelled to show someone kindness and act on it by helping them out.

In our lesson, we share our strategies for communicating with empathy in remote settings, and in this livestream, we discuss some other ways of increasing our empathic (or empathetic) communication skills.

Here are some of the strategies we touched upon. 

  • Respecting that empathy is a judgement-free zone
  • Practicing active and empathic listening are imperative
  • Being smart about the communication channels you choose (f2f is always best for showing empathy)
  • Validating someone’s experience and acknowledging their feeling
  • Showing vulnerability and strength and being assertive and empathetic
  • Understanding your own emotions will better enable you to understand others’ emotions
  • Building an emotional vocabulary or “emotional literacy” to identify emotions

Watch the livestream for the complete list of actionable strategies and tips!

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