How to be More Tolerant and Accepting of Others | Uncancel Your Friends
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Learn three communication strategies to be more tolerant and accepting of others. Here is a roadmap for how to uncancel your friends. Practicing tolerant communication will allow you to be more accepting of others. By opening your mind and your heart you'll celebrate the beauty of diversity.

You need your friends. We all need our friends. Don’t give up on them. 

Think of how much harder it is to make friends these days! Hold on to the ones you've got and always be ready to make new friends when the opportunity presents itself.

So instead of cancelling a friend over something they said or did, even after years of friendship, think again.

Here are my three strategies that will make you think twice about cancelling someone. 

It comes down to practicing tolerance communication and accepting our friends as they are. There is beauty in what's different. Let's value and appreciate that.

If you're ready let's get into it.


Who are your friends? Does anyone come to mind? Is it taking longer than expected to think of who your friends are? If your social circle is shrinking, if you can't think of anyone as your best friend, or if you have no clue who you'd call up at 2 am needing to talk? Maybe you lost touch without realizing life got in the way or maybe you deliberately cancelled them out of your life. Either way, let's talk about how to un cancel people that got cancelled in your life. Here's how. 

First, as you watch this video or listen to the podcast, let's be sure that we're in the right mind space by remembering the following. Humans are not commodities. Not one is expendable. Everyone is irreplaceable. We all have value to add to the story. 

Alright, onto the strategies for tolerant communication and showing acceptance during social interaction.


1) Hear them Out 

Really listen to them, listen to their concerns, validate, when possible, try to understand and ask clarifying questions, be empathetic, and be ready to change your mind and open your heart

2) Friendly Debate

Express your side of the argument. It's healthy to have different opinions. New perspectives can be refreshing, it will prevent the echo chamber effect. Don't be afraid to push them on their ideas, just do it nicely. In other words, challenge them in a friendly way. Ask them: Why do they think what they think? Get to the bottom of why they believe what they believe. It's boring to agree 100% on everything by the way, I'm sure you've noticed. A little healthy debate is good for our brains and for our friendships! 

3) Not about Proving who's Right

It's not about who's right. It's about the ability to express your values and be listened to respectfully. Remember your why: Why are you friends with them in the first place? Remember good times you've had and cherished memories and make more of those. 


It is never too late to stop a cancellation process underway or to apologize over a miscommunication. One can make amends for a wrongdoing at any point in time... Even if it's been months or years. The point is, treasure the friends you've got and nurture those bonds. Your social circles don't need to suffer just because you might not see eye to eye on every little single thing. 

We discussed three ways to not cancel your friends. These tips will also come in handy when you want to put friendships to the ultimate test and fortify them. 

Practice these techniques and hold on to your friends. You never know when you'll need them.


Alright Explearners that's it from me.

I’d love to hear your own ideas for politely standing your ground. How do you show tolerance and acceptance even when you might disagree with your friend? What are some other ways to not cancel your friends?

Share that with me and the Explearning community in the comments down below.

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With that, have an awesome week, Explearners. 

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you next time for your next Explearning lesson.

Happy Explearning ⚡

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