How to Think Happy Thoughts
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Learn my 3 strategies for changing your mindset. When you shift your mindset your social interactions will be positively influenced. Your interpersonal and intrapersonal communication will also benefit tremendously when you have a positive mindset.

It’s a conscious choice you need to make each and every day from the minute you wake up to when you call it a day. 

Today’s lesson is all about shifting your mindset. And that’s up to one person alone. You!

Why does this matter? Well having a positive mindset is key to ensuring successful interactions and favorable outcomes with everyone around you. 

In other words, with the right mindset, life gets a whole lot better.

Changing your mindset is a hot topic these days. 

Having a bad day? Change your mindset! Stuck in traffic. Change your mindset. Feeling sluggish and unmotivated? Change your mindset.

Right. That’s all good but the million-dollar question is HOW DO I CHANGE MY MINDSET? What are the steps?

Today I’m spelling it out for you and walking you through easily actionable strategies that you can start right after watching this video.

Step 1: Be proactive

Select a positive outlook for the day. 

You need to actively choose happiness. If you remain neutral, then you’re susceptible to a negative thought. 

By consciously choosing to be positive, you insulate yourself from negative thoughts. 

It’s okay for negative thoughts to enter your head, but as long as you’ve committed to being positive, those won’t slow you down.

Let them enter and pass like water through a sieve. 

This proactively positive approach will set the stage for a great day.

Step 2: Develop awareness

At this point you’re probably wondering, how do I get these positive thoughts going in the first place?

For this, you’ll need to listen to your internal monologue. 

You don’t need to fabricate positive thoughts. Let them come naturally. But do listen for them. 

And when they arrive, indulge in them. Luxuriate in them. Enjoy the sensation.

Creating this inviting environment for positive thoughts will cause them to come more frequently.

Check in with yourself throughout the day and observe what thoughts are going through your head. Pay attention to the words you are speaking and the body language you are using. 

And if you are stuck on a thought and segueing into Worryland, then ask you self this:

Is this thought serving me right now?

If it is not, then let it go without further dwelling on it.

Negativity is a heavy suitcase that you don’t want to lug around with you all day. 

Remember, our thoughts shape our reality. They shape our communication and influence our social interactions.

So we really need to be aware of the types of thoughts we have. Hold on to the positive ones and let go of the negative ones. 

Worrying is not worth your peace of mind.

Step 3: Perform the feeling

If you’re still having trouble getting those positive thoughts flowing, try acting them out.

Communicate in the way you want to feel.

Deliberately carry out the next task on your to do list with energy and enthusiasm, even if you don’t feel enthusiastic about it.

Research shows that if you act the part, you’ll actually start feeling the part too! 

Similarly, speak using positive language. Say uplifting things to yourself and those around you. Thank people and show gratitude. 

You’ll notice that the way you behave towards others will transform the way you feel.


Let’s recap the three steps to shifting your mindset.

  1. Set a positive intention for the day.
  2. Introspect and reflect on the way you feel. Create a welcome mental environment for positive thoughts.
  3. Act the way you want to feel. Do and say positive things and you’ll start feeling that way.

Try out these 3 strategies, add them to your Explearning Communications toolkit and make them your own!

I’ll see you in my next lesson. 😊

Happy Explearning 🐝

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