Feeling like a Fraud and Impostorism

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In this Explearning conversation, we discuss feeling like a fraud and impostorism. Learn how to deal with feeling like an imposter and imposter syndrome. This is also known as fraud syndrome or the imposter experience.

In this conversation, we discuss imposter syndrome and how to stop feeling like a fraud. Imposterism is something we can get over if we change our mindset and practice a few strategies that we unpack in this conversation.   

Here are 

  • developing mental strategies to combat imposterism
  • it's not about faking it till your make it
  • experiencing imposter syndrome as an adult
  • evaluation apprehension 
  • find other accomplished people in your industry and be inspired
  • humanizing your role models
  • finding role models that speak openly about the challenges and the obstacles they had to overcome
  • negative self-talk 
  • everyone struggles with imposter syndrome
  • putting feeling like a fraud into perspective
  • feeling like a phony around the time that you're reaching new heights
  • missed opportunities because of feeling like a fraud
  • getting an expert to weigh in on your feelings on imposterism
  • getting a reality check from your mentors 
  • reframing your thought patterns
  • seeking introspection and do a self-evaluation to get to the source of those feelings

Hope you enjoyed this conversation! How have you dealt with imposter syndrome? What are some other ways you've overcome it?

See you in the next lesson!

Happy Explearning ⚡