How to Keep Cool in Heated Situations and Control Heightened Emotions
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Here's how to keep your cool in heated situations and control heightened emotions. I share strategies for keeping cool so you can diffuse tense situations without fighting or getting angry. These strategies will help you stay calm and cool.

Today we’re talking about keeping your cool in heated situations.


Let me share with you a quick anecdote. I was at the cheese section of the grocery store buying some cheese. Normally I always ask the shop clerk to slice it thinly. This time they were about to do the same were it not for a begrudging customer exclaiming that they were on their way to the airport and needed to order their cheese. This angry customer began to raise his voice and throw out a litany of complaints. Even though it was inconvenient to say the least, I took my wedge of cheese and barreled out of there. But I wasn’t too pleased about it.  Later that morning I unwrapped the cheese and began to slice exquisitely thin pieces to put into our scrambled eggs. As my husband and I sat down to eat our meal, we delighted in how much better and tastier the eggs were with the cheese finely sliced. It was definitely a teachable moment for me when I realized that when you keep your cool an even better outcome could manifest, better than the one you had expected. If I had made a fuss and put up a fight about letting the shop clerk slice the cheese, it would have caused unnecessary stress, aggravation, not to mention increased cortisol levels and ultimately less tasty eggs.   

So the takeaway here is that whatever techniques you implement to keep your cool, one thing that can motivate you is the better outcome. And in this stressless state of being, you’ll be more equipped to attune yourself to what that better outcome is.

Some techniques for keeping your cool:

(1)    Breath work (can be done anywhere and imperceptible)

(2)    Smile (even to yourself just smile, and you’ll instantly feel better)

(3)    Ask yourself is it worth the stress of fighting (It seemed pretty ridiculous to me to get into an argument over a wedge of cheese. It’s important to know when to step up and fight and when to let it go. More often than not we need to just let it go. Choose your battles.

(4)    Walk away (physically remove yourself from the situation)Leave the scene that’s stressing you out!

I encourage you to try to keep your cool in heated situations especially before they escalate. Remember to choose your battles wisely. Use some of the other keep-you-cool techniques to help you stay calm when your blood begins to boil. With practice you’ll start to automatically deescalate a situation and stay in control of your emotions. 


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I’ll see you in the next one! Happy Explearning :) 

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