Cross Cultural Communication Strategies (Live)

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Greg and MD talk about their recent trip to Yunnan where they had to implement cross cultural communication skills. Watch the live replay to learn some of the strategies they relied on during their rich cultural experience.

What is cross-cultural communication?

Cross-cultural communication is the ability to communicate across cultures. Meaning, it is the branch of knowledge that explores how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate in similar or different ways. It’s an interdisciplinary field of study because it combines communication, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and cultural studies. 

There are two parts to cross-cultural communication that we need to be attuned to. The linguistic aspect and the cultural aspect. 

Cross cultural communication also endeavors to demonstrate that there are differences regarding three categories: nonverbal, oral, and written communication across various cultures. 

Let’s talk about both sides of the equation here.

One of the best ways to facilitate cross-cultural communication is to give the person the benefit of the doubt.

If you are the person communicating in a language or with a culture that it not your own, then you can caveat your social interaction with I’m still learning the language / the culture so if I make any mistakes please feel free to correct me and don’t hold it against me.

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