How To Build Confidence Like Tim Ferriss

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I share Tim Ferriss' secrets about how to build self-esteem. If you are searching for self-confidence tips then check out this blog post and video lesson! You will learn how to build confidence from scratch. Building your self-esteem will help lower your stage fright and performance anxiety in public speaking.

What I’m about to share with you comes from such an inspiring human being, whom I’ve actually met at a book signing in New York a few years ago. Tim Ferris. You’ve probably heard of him refer to himself as “a human guinea pig” or have listened to his popular podcast (over +300 million downloads…NBD!). But he’s a jack of all trades: Among other things he’s a successful entrepreneur, best selling author, polyglot, podcast host, public speaker, lifestyle optimizer. I mean, this guy has a black belt in jujitsu. Timmy does it all.  

MD and Tim at his book signing
Nov, 2017, NYC

This Tim Ferriss strategy is truly a gem and correlates with confidence boosting exercises that I’ve shared with you in my other videos. 

On one of his recent podcast episodes he fielded questions from the audience and one listener wanted to know how to build her confidence before an upcoming Karate test. He discussed confidence within the parameters of an impending performance and I think the message he shared will really resonate with you too Explearners. I’ll link below the podcast episode I was listening to so you can check it out. 

As we know confidence is not a switch we turn on and immediately benefit from. It’s something that many people need to build up to. And confidence is generally tied to a specific skill. Which makes sense, you might be confident in math, but you might not be confident in public speaking. So confidence is not universally applicable across skillsets. Confidence is not in a vacuum. 

 What’s Tim’s big secret to confidence building?  In a nutshell, you’re taking yourself out of your comfort zone… by design. He calls it “rehearsing what you fear” before you have to perform it when it actually matters or counts in real life. (That big performance, epic talk, intense interview, a dance solo….)

Let’s say you have some big performance coming up. (e.g., meeting, talk, dance competition, tennis tournament…) 

Here are my take-aways from Tim Ferriss:

(1)    Shake things up: 

a.       Perform it in an unfamiliar territory … 

b.       Perform it in front of strangers

Basically, you are looking for a situation that will incite the fear that you’re expecting on game day. 

(2)    “Recon ahead of time”: 

This means, you should make sure you are familiar with the environment you’ll be performing in.

a.       Know where the coffee shop is, water fountain is, where are the bathrooms, main entrance, learning about the process, the layout or setup is going to be like so you’re not stressing out day of about logistics 

By (1) getting yourself out of your comfort zone and (2) taking care of logistics before game day, you are eliminating as many unknown variables as possible, which will decrease your stage fright and boost your confidence.

And I’ll add that this will allow you to focus on the thing that matters: summoning your confidence, trying to have fun with your performance, putting good energy out there, and enjoying all the feels. 

Remember Explearners, people don’t become confident overnight. It’s an iterative process. Only after you’ve built up your confidence and recalibrated your thinking so that your mind and body experience  feel confidence, only then are your able to summon it.  

How do you summon it? Well I made a video about it [click here] but one of the things is to do positive self-talk so you can tap into and channel that confidence.  You’re awakening it from every fiber of your being. 

But if you’re building confidence from a blank slate then Tim’s tips will certainly help.

Check out these videos for how to channel your confidence once you’ve built it up!

Happy Explearning 🐝