How To Be Confident

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Learn how to be confident through confidence building exercises. If you want to speak confidently and have more self-esteem then this video is for you! Confidence and charisma look good on you, Explearners!

Sometimes we need a quick and easy confidence boost. We might be walking into an interview, headed to a high-stakes meeting or getting ready to appear in front of an audience.

Whatever the speech event, exuding confidence will serve you well.

When you feel confident, you project confidence onto the people with whom you are interacting. Confident communicators always have the upper hand in business, relationships, and in life. 

Here’s how to project confidence especially when you’re feeling shy and insecure.

(1) Fix your posture

Shoulders back and head up. Practice raising arms against a wall to help realign your spine. If you spend the entire day hunched over a computer or phone screen, you’re not going to have perfect posture. But if you want to increase your self-esteem then stand up straight. This will not only send a signal to your brain and make you feel confident, but it also shows others “wow this person is comfortable in their skin” 

(2) Lower your pitch 

Find your power pitch. What tone of voice do you use when you want to sound knowledgeable, authoritative or confident? That’s your power pitch. 

Everyone’s pitch is different, but we can still reach the high range or low range. Try to practice speaking with the lower range. This will project confidence and authority. You’ll sound like you know what you’re talking about (and hopefully you do) but this will get you to be perceived as someone that should be listened to!

(3) Smile 

Smiling is the best weapon to disarm naysayers and non-believers. When you smile you project a good sense of self-worth and comfort in one’s skin. It also shows that you are relaxed and calm, which are signs of a confident person. 

It sounds so simple but just make these three simple tweaks can transform the way you feel. Changing the way that you feel will change the way you communicate by projecting feelings of confidence. 

Happy Explearning 🌠