MASTER CONVERSATION with Confident Social Skills to Talk to ANYONE

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Learn how to master the art of conversation so that you can speak confidently with anyone. If you have social anxiety or you don't know how to carry a conversation, these communication strategies will help. By learning these social skills you will appear cool and confident in social interaction and in social settings.

The art of conversation and oh what an art it is. In this communication lesson I’m sharing strategies for mastering conversation so that you can communicate confidently with anyone!

Let’s get started.


You can apply these techniques to your very next conversation. I encourage you to practice these so that you can apply them in any social interaction you have.

(1) Discuss Ideas

There’s a great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, which is “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” How true is this statement? Think back to the most recent conversation you’ve had with someone. What did you talk about? People? Events? Or Ideas? Talking about people is just gossip and it doesn’t reflect well on you. Talking about events is not that interesting. Talking about ideas is what really can ignite the spark of conversation and make for a genuinely engaging exchange.

(2) Build Rapport

Rapport is the sense of closeness that we have to people. We have good rapport with people that we’re close to already and the people to whom we just seem to “click.” It’s not a hopeless case for when you don’t click with a person off the bat it just means that you’re going to need to work hard to build that rapport. This starts with creating a connection. Establishing a connection can be as simple as finding overlapping interests. When you find common ground with a person, you immediately feel closer to them. One great way to build rapport is by talking about what interests you. This will enable you to find the commonalities! The more rapport we have with someone, the better the relationship will be, and that generally goes for the quality of conversation as well.

(3) Vibe with Them

This is about being on the same wavelength as they. To do this mirror their body language, match their tone of voice, use similar pacing. In other words, be in sync with the person. Pay attention to what’s being said as well as how it’s being communicated. Do they have sensitivities? Are there certain topics that they don’t care to broach? Be attuned to that. And the only way you can do this is to be aware of what’s going on.

(4) Share with Care

Don’t be an info hog. Be an information giver as well as receiver. This goes for exchanges of knowledge as well as for experiences. For instance, you might share with them a new health protocol you’re trying out based on scientific research that you’ve read. That’s some information that you’re sharing with them. And the hope is that they, too, will share something of merit with you as well. And in terms of experience. Imagine they opened up to you about an experience in their life. The expectation is that you will open up about an experience in your life. The point is reciprocity. It doesn’t have to be the exact type of experience, and you might not even have an experience like the one they shared but if they’re opening up to you, you should find a way to open up to them. This is part of what creates the sacred bond of human connection. It establishes your trustworthiness as a friend and someone who’s reliable. You might even be a confidant for this person. Share with care.

(5) Listen More

Listening more than you speak is important when you want to master the art of conversation. Communication is a two way street, so there needs to be a good mix of listening and speaking. If you are talking more than listening, you’re dominating the conversation. If you’re dominating the conversation, the other person is going to feel like they were listening to your soliloquy in a play rather than engaging in social interaction. When you remind yourself to listen more than you speak, you make sure that the other person gets to share as much as they’d like. We all like to be listened to, and when you make a conscientious effort to really hear the person they’re going to notice that. And guess what, it’ll make them like you all the more for it.


So there are 5 communication strategies to master the art of conversation. Take it one at a time, try out one of these strategies the next time you hop on the phone with someone or meet face-to-face. Focus on mastering one of these communication techniques each week and once you feel comfortable with it, add the next strategy. Keep this up until you’re able to do thes things naturally in conversation.


Alright Explearners, that’s it from me today. Thank you so much for joining me for this lesson. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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