How to Succeed in Your Group Interview - Tips and Strategies

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Learn our tips and strategies for how to succeed in a group interview. Drawing from Greg's Wharton Business School background and experience with job interviews and consulting interviews we unpack the nuts and bolts of group interviews. Collaboration skills and teamwork are the essence of successful group interviews.

Group interviews are becoming more popular these days. Group interviews differ significantly from individual interviews. 

If you're anyone who works on a team and leverages collaborative communication and team-building skills, then the lessons from preparing for a group interview will transfer well to your day-to-day. 

The reality is that successful group interviews depend on our ability to communicate effectively, listen actively, and reach a solution as a group. 

We rely heavily upon the soft skills that comprise transparent communication on a team and strong leadership skills. 

Such soft skills include, but are not limited to:

The purpose of a group interview is to evaluate your collaborative communication skills and determine how effective you are working in teams.

No one works alone. Not really. We all work in teams. The ability to effectively work with others in a collaborative and cooperative way is a critical skill to hone in modern society.

Whether you're working remotely with teams spread across multiple geographic locations or with an in-person team IRL, knowing how to be a team player and getting to a solution or compromise will help you stand out in not only the group interview but in your career.

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