Answering the Question: What's Your Story (Live)

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When people ask you "So, what's your story?" how do you usually answer? In this live stream conversation Greg and MD discuss strategies for best answering this question. Hint: the best answer will depend on your context: setting, participants, goal. Watch for our insights!

We all have a story to tell, but we're not always ready to share it.

Greg and MD share their thoughts on how to craft an answer to this ubiquitous question wherever you may be! 

Once you ace this question, you'll leave a positive and memorable impression on the person asking it. But you'll also gauge their interests and hobbies as well, making for an insightful and fun conversation.

This question has a way of surfacing in both the personal and professional communication context. So why not prepare ahead of time the blueprint of what to touch upon so you'll be able to answer eloquently and appropriately.

We also have a great lesson about how to answer "What's your story" on the spot using our proprietary Explearning framework. Learn all about it in this lesson, by clicking here.

Thanks for all your support and we'll see you in the next Explearning lesson!

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