Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Communication Styles To Connect With Anyone

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Learn how to connect with anyone you meet by understanding three human communication styles. Establish a human connection with people by exploring visual, auditory, kinesthetic communication styles to connect with anyone.

In this Livestream, we discuss another way of building rapport with people, through understanding sensory preferences in communication. There are three types of sensory preferences in communication: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Different from our learning styles (also labeled visual, audio, and kinesthetic), communication sensory preferences are about how we engage and make sense of the world. When we interact with others, we tend to communicate through our preferred sensory system. 

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“Studies have shown that as many as 55% of all people in our culture are motivated primarily by what they see (Visual), 15% by what they hear (Auditory) and 30% by physical sensation (Kinesthetic).” (Boothman, 1999)

Here are some of the points we expand upon in our conversation:

  • communication preferences and learning styles are different
  • know your own sensory preferences
  • the sooner you figure out the person you’re interacting with’s preferences, the better rapport you’ll have with them
  • no one is fully Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic
  • we are a mixture of all three sensory preferences
  • however, everyone has a dominant preference
  • metaphors appeal to all three types because they include sound, sight, and feeling, which appeals to Auditories, Visuals, and Kinesthetics
  • Visuals picture metaphors, Auditories hear the metaphors, and Kinos feel sensations a metaphor evokes
  • As Boothman puts it: “Metaphors are containers for ideas. They link our internal imagination to external reality.”

Explearning Challenge of the Day:

🏆Figure out what your primary, secondary, and tertiary communication preference is.

🏆Figure out what the communication preference is for anyone who is close to you. Try to interact in a way that they will best understand (based on their communication sensory preference).

🏆As you are watching your favorite TV series or movies, pay attention to the communication sensory preferences of the characters. Take notes on their nonverbal and verbal communication. For an extra challenge, change their primary sensory preference and imagine how the character would have said it / done it differently based on the new dominant sensory preference.

Happy Explearning ⚡