Boost Confidence In Any Situation
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Learn how to boost confidence in any situation. We provide strategies for becoming more confident and increasing self-esteem everywhere you go with anything you do. Some examples we discuss are using assertive communication, strong body language, and your power pitch can help you increase your confidence.

In this Livestream, we discuss ways in which we can tap into our confidence in any situation. We expand on the following points in this conversation:

  • preparing for the communication act to fuel our confidence levels
  • dressing to be comfortable and authentic, which in turn helps us feel confident
  • confidence during uncertain situations
  • confidence when called upon on the spot
  • how to be confident in virtual settings (i.e., online interviews, virtual presentations, etc.)
  • confidence in live performances
  • what we can learn from the improv world about confidence
  • changing our state of mind to be receptive to confidence
  • placing the focus on the audience to reduce social anxiety
  • how to be confident on camera (i.e., for a YouTube channel)
  • the importance of breathing correctly (diaphragmatic breathing)
  • Expecting the unexpected and embrace uncertainty

If you haven't checked out the lesson on confidence, you can do so here

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About the Author and the Explearning Academy:

Mary Daphne is an expert in communication, executive interpersonal skills, and personal development. She is the founder of the Explearning Academy, a platform dedicated to helping individuals enhance their social fluency, boost their careers, and elevate their social game. Through immersive group coaching programs like the Executive Communication Lab and self-guided journeys, participants gain the social superpowers and career catapults they've been searching for. If you're ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level and connect with like-minded individuals, visit and explore the various plans available. Join the Explearning Academy community and unlock your full potential.

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