Addressing People By Their Name

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In this Livestream, we discuss the importance of addressing people by their name. In communication, it is very important to use someone's name when addressing them because it creates instant rapport, facilitates smooth social interaction, and leaves a favorable impression

Greg and MD talk about the importance of addressing people by their name. Here are some of the topics they cover in this conversation:

  • when you first meet a person use their name (this will ensure you remember it)
  • while referring to someone in their presence (avoid pronouns, use their name)
  • ask someone if they know their name story and the significance of their name
  • in group settings, why we should use a person's name
  • what you should do if you have trouble pronouncing someone's name
  • names in different cultural contexts
  • Mary Daphne's story with introducing herself to people
  • Greg's story about his breakfast alter ego “Craig”
  • when to correct someone if they mispronounce or incorrectly say your name

While these are just a few of the highlights, we get deep into a discussion on this topic so when you get a chance, watch the livestream replay!

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See you in the next lesson and livestream!

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