The Art Of Mirroring In Social Interaction

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In this Livestream, we discuss the art of mirroring in social interaction. Learn how mirroring strategies can improve rapport, increase the feeling of bonding, and improve your communication with people you interact with.

To recap the previous lesson on Interactional Synchrony, we have active listening which shows empathy and understanding. Pepper in a few triple nods, lean ins, and discourse markers. This helps us demonstrate mirroring during social interaction.

Then we have a sensitivity to accent, no need to point out the pink elephant in the room. Some people are self-conscious about having an accent though they shouldn’t be because it shows that they are multilingual and that’s always impressive! So if you notice someone feels uncomfortable about their accent, then give them a confidence boost and point out how cool it is to know more than one language.

Have a watch and listen to our live conversation to learn about the art of mirroring in social interaction.