How To Sync Your Brainwaves for Better Communication 4 Ways
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Did you know that your brainwaves could sync up with someone else's during a conversation? This is a scientific fact, and it's something that you can use to your advantage to improve your communication skills. In this video, I'll share four strategies that you can use to sync your brainwaves with others.

Did you know that your brainwaves could sync up with someone else's during a conversation? And no, we're not talking sci fi here, it's a scientific fact. Want to know more? Let's dive right in. 

Sync your brainwaves, supercharge your communication skills.

An article in Scientific American caught my attention recently. This wasn't your regular how to improve your communication skills advice, but it delved into how our brains actually synchronize when we interact. This is based on various research studies, like the one from Basque Center on Cognition, Brain, and Language in Spain.

They found that brainwave synchronization happens when we engage in conversation. So what's the secret sauce to getting our brainwaves on the same frequency? Let's get into it.

Our first strategy is mirror and match. This isn't about copying someone else's every move like a creepy mime artist. This is about tuning into their emotions, their thoughts, and their ideas. For instance, if you're talking to someone who's excited about a new book that they read, share that excitement.

Ask them about their favorite parts, their favorite characters, or the plot twists. A study from the University of California actually shows that mirroring can lead to increased feelings of empathy, a crucial component of effective communication.

Moving on to our second strategy, active listening. This isn't just about nodding along while someone talks, it's about being fully engaged in the conversation. In fact, according to research from Bright State University, active listening can reduce misunderstandings and increase trust. So remember to provide feedback, summarize their points, paraphrase when you can, and ask relevant questions.

This keeps the conversation flowing and helps sync your brainwaves. 

Our third strategy, shared experience. This is all about finding common ground. Discuss something that you both can relate to. Shared experiences can help our brainwaves find a common rhythm. A study published in the Journal of Social Neuroscience confirmed that when we share experiences, our brain actively aligns with each other, making our communication, you guessed it, more effective.

The fourth strategy is emotional empathy. This goes beyond just understanding what someone else is feeling. It's about feeling it with them. A study from the University of Virginia showed that empathizing with someone else's experience activates the same regions in our brain as the person we're empathizing with.

So try to connect with your emotions. It'll help your brainwaves to sync. 

 The beauty of these strategies is that they can be practiced and perfected. And the perfect place for that is our very own private global community Explearning Academy.

We provide live workshops every week. This practice not only helps you master these strategies, but also helps you reduce anxiety and boost confidence to reach social fluency. 

So there you have it. Mirror and Match, Active Listening, Shared Experience, and Emotional Empathy. I challenge you to incorporate these into your interactions and you'll be syncing your brainwaves in no time.

But the best way to become a pro is through practice. And that's where our Explearning Academy community comes in. We're here to help you on this communication journey. So, definitely check it out and maybe you'll join. Go to to sign up. 

That's it for today, Explearners. 

Remember. Communication isn't just about talking, it's about connecting. Brainwave to brainwave, person to person. So, let's get syncing, shall we? 

I'll see you at our next workshop at the Explearning Academy. 

Keep on learning. Keep on exploring, and, of course, keep on Explearning.

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