Elevate Your Communication Skills and Personality Development

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Learn how to level up your communication skills using these four metrics for success. These strategies will also help you develop your personality as you grow into your most elevated self.

Do you ever wonder if you're truly maximizing your potential?
In this lesson, I am sharing four clues that you might not be pushing yourself to your fullest potential.

Let's get to it.


Okay, so you might find that all four of these resonate with you, or maybe just one or two of them do. Either way, these are good benchmarks for assessing how hard you're trying and whether you need to make some changes if you want to continue to grow in your professional career and personal life.

(1) You Succeed Often

Succeeding is excellent, but if you're not also failing at times, are you pushing your boundaries? Another way to look at it is, how often do you get outside your comfort zone? Usually, when we're in our comfort zone, we excel, but we don't necessarily continue to grow if we're not challenging ourselves. So remember that the next time you're facing a challenge. Or better yet, seek out that challenge. It's okay if you fail the first time; the point is you gave it your best effort and operated outside your comfort zone.

(2) You Don't Feel Like An Imposter

Imposter Syndrome is an uncomfortable feeling, but it's a significant indicator of trying hard. We might second guess ourselves when we feel like we're not up to the challenge. If we feel like we're not the right fit for the role, even though we were selected primarily for it, we might feel like a fraud. When you feel like an imposter, you're doing things that require you to grow and challenge the status quo. It can be scary sometimes, but that's a great way to assess if you're pushing yourself.

(3) You've Stopped Being Curious

Once you feel like you already know as much as you need, you stop growing. If you feel jaded about your industry, maybe it's time for a refresh. Perhaps even a professional pivot. Or maybe you are still interested but don't feel like you've got the time to learn more. Carving out 15 minutes daily to work on a new skill, read a book, listen to a podcast, or discover something new can help you build momentum. The curiosity to learn is synonymous with the desire to grow. And if we think there's no more we need to know; then we're not trying hard enough. So cultivate that curiosity and stay hungry for knowledge.

(4) You're Confident Things Will Go your Way

As much as we think we have control over outcomes, we only have control over our actions. The rest is up to the Universe. If we feel 100% confident that we're going to get the promotion, land that big job, or take on that top client, then we might not be taking enough risks. For example, if you're 100% sure you'll get the job, maybe you're overqualified for the role and should seek positions that will challenge you. So when we're overly confident, that could indicate that we're not taking risks because we're too afraid that things won't go our way. But the truth is that we can only grow if we challenge ourselves, which comes with taking risks. 


Alright, so there you have it. Four indicators that you might not be trying as hard as you think. And that's important if you're in the business of maximizing your fullest potential and seeking out opportunities to grow and become your most elevated self. 


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