Supercharge Your Social Skills

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Yeah, I know you're the life of the party (or boardroom) when you want to be. But even at our best, we still have social skills pain points. What's yours?

Here at Explearning, we believe social skills are the key to the Good Life. 

What’s the Good Life, you ask? 

It’s a life where you call the shots, you have a crew you can count on, and you’re on a mission you care about. 

How’s that sound? I’m looking at you, my fellow millennials...

A lot of people think we lack social know-how, that we’re stuck in the land of social media, that we’re encumbered by anxiety. They say we suck at email, that we’re lonely, that we just don’t seem to have our act together.

Here’s the thing:

You’re smart, you’re tech-savvy, you’re connected, and you have the fire in your soul to do amazing things with your life. You collect experiences, not things. You care about your health. You’re not defined by your job. You’re not glued to one geography. 

And you sure as heck don’t need people telling you how to live your life!

But here’s the other thing:

So much of what you love in life, what you aspire to, is rooted in a fundamental set of skills. These skills will open doors to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to a gushing fount of health and happiness, and they will empower you to be fully in charge of your life.

What skills are we talking about? Yep, you guessed it. Social skills.

Now I’m not saying you don’t have ‘em. I bet you can light up a room when you feel like it. But I also bet there are a few things here or there that you might benefit from giving a polish. 

For some people, that means brushing up on small talk, getting past the dreaded “hey, so what do you do for a living?” 

For other people, it’s remembering people's names, or writing an email that isn’t a rambling mess.

That’s why we created this channel. We want to equip you to crush it in any social situation. Even the best performers have a coach. In fact, it’s especially the best performers who do!

The next time you walk into that room full of people, palms sweating, you’ll know what to do.  When you’re feeling anxious, or frustrated, you’ll have strategies to return to a state of calm. When you need to close that deal, or land that client, you’ll know what to write -- and what not to write -- in that game-changing email.

And guess what the best part is?

The ability to confidently interact face-to-face, in small groups and other social settings, will bring you so much happiness. There’s plenty of peer-reviewed, published data to back this up. Having a community of people (a tribe so to speak) is so important for our mental health and wellness. We can even live longer because of it.

Say goodbye to feeling lonely, to feeling like you’re missing real friends. Say goodbye to feeling awkward in unfamiliar social settings. No more doing things because other people are doing them.

No more tweaking.

Invest in your happiness, health and the good life that comes with supercharged social skills.

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I’ll be seeing you 😊

Happy #Explearning