Nonverbal Communication: Greetings and Goodbyes (Live)

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We discuss the social etiquette of greetings and goodbyes in the western context but also touch upon nonverbals from around the world. The nuances of nonverbal communication in cross-cultural contexts are fascinating and present a lot of alternatives to our own nonverbal gestures.

Some of the main points from today's Livestream are:

  • should we replace the handshake?
  • alternatives for gestures signaling greetings and goodbyes
  • what to do if someone doesn't want to shake your hand
  • how to non-awkwardly and non-offensively turn down a handshake
  • stigma against not shaking someone's hand
  • what it means to respect someone's propensity for handshakes or forgoing handshakes
  • nonverbal communications across various cultural contexts
  • learning nonverbal gestures in different cultures
  • 7-38-55 Rule (Mehrabian, 1981)
  • the elbow bump / the footshake 
  • the unwritten social contract that we have to collectively sign as a society 

Check the lesson about replacing the handshakes here.

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