Surviving Social Isolation and Social Distancing (Live)

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During times of social distancing it can be easy to feel down, isolated and afraid. Here are some strategies to help you stay connected, feel calm, and discover new things about yourself and loved ones. We discuss mental wellness, socializing virtually, and connecting with people we love on deep levels (albeit online).

During periods of social distancing, if we want to make the best of it, we can try to approach it from a positive perspective. As in, this could be an opportunity to get closer to the people you love (both near or far), learn something new, and embark on your own journey of self-discovery. This is our new normal, for the time-being, so let's learn how to thrive and survive in it, shall well?

Here are some insights about what to do during social distancing and by association, when in social isolation. But, don’t let the term mislead you, it doesn’t have to be an isolating experience at all.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to help you stay connected with each other and with yourself during these uncertain, trying times. 

Spend quality time with loved ones

Do this virtually or at-home but several-feet apart. People spend so much time away from each other and now’s an opportunity to spend time together (if you’re in the same household, or at the other end of a screen) to get to know or to re-know someone. 

  • Ask them questions about their childhood or youth 
  • Ask them about one challenge they overcame and how
  • Ask them what their dreams are
  • Ask them how they’ve dealt with difficult situations in the past
  • Ask them how they treat uncertainty and humans’ aversion to it
  • Ask genuine, heart-felt questions about life. 


Stay connected...virtually.

Technology to the rescue! We’re able to connect and talk with people using our phones, computers, and devices 

  • Talk to family and friends, about positive things and memories, etc.
  • Have a virtual book club
  • Do a virtually dinner party
  • Do a watch-party with a movie or TV show and discuss
  • Search a recipe and cook it together, enjoy the meal together too
  • Do tea or coffee time at the same time, virtually! (why not?)
  • Go out on a virtual date (make a meal, play dinner party music, light candles and pretend you’re in a restaurant)


Be always blooming.

It's especially in times like these where we have to keep trekking. What if we viewed this as an opportunity for growth and development? Wouldn't we be better off? We'd certainly be slightly happier and more enriched. Plus, it's a nice change of pace from the media-frenzy and social media hype that's going on 24/7.

  • Reading for fun! (a book from a genre you love, a blog, a newsletter)
  • pursuing a hobby you wish you had more time you do!
  • at-home exercise (yoga, YouTube workouts, just moving around free-style)
  • meditation 
  • watching a show or series 
  • writing for fun, writing about these difficult bizarre times, write about....anything!
  • a challenge could be to try something new! Comment on what “new” thing you’ve tried!
  • DIY make it yourself! Do a arts and crafts project or a home-made something or other

Well-being is realized in small steps, but it is no small thing. -Zeno

Focus on your mental health and self-discovery

If you're like anyone else then your mind is probably the opposite of calm right now. If you're calm and collected, good for you, tell us how you got there. But seriously, now more than ever we need to pay particular attention to our mindfulness and mental wellness. Here are some things that we like to do 

  • Meditate (start with 5 minutes, even that will make you feel better, promise!)
  • Reflect on life, your relationships, the world
  • be grateful (make a list of why you're grateful)
  • take your mind off it (do something else, jumping jacks might do the trick)
  • journal (dump out your worries on paper or do a brain-dump, as they call it)
  • turn to sacred, philosophical or spiritual texts
  • read about Stoicism, the ancient philosophy (they have sooo many tips on how to deal with uncertainty)


Don’t inundate yourself with mainstream news

Be selective about where you get your information. Only watch/read from trusted, credible, reputable sources. And avoid keeping the news on for 24/7. That's a recipe for depression. Sign up for a daily report (see our suggestions below), set aside time to read that and then give it a rest. Your mind and soul will thank you for it.

  • CDC
  • Harvard Medical Report
  • Dr. Peter Attia 
  • Wall Street Journal 
  • WHO

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

-Marcus Aurelius-

Indeed, these are confusing and uncertain times. While we could let that mean the end of our hope, dreams, and aspirations, we won’t. Because we weren’t made to fear incessantly or worry uncontrollably. Though very difficult, we can use this as an opportunity to connect, grow, and reflect. And keep on social distancing, because that’s what the world needs to do right now. We’re in this together. Let’s look out for one another, too.