Free Your Mind and Reduce Anxiety (Live)

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Learn how to free your mind and reduce anxiety in this livestream. Reducing anxiety is a step toward freeing your mind up so that you can experience the present instead of being stuck in a worry cycle. We discuss how to recenter yourself to experience the present because the present is a present!

Freeing your mind from worry has a lot to do with reducing anxiety.

Now you might be thinking how does this have to do with communication and social skills?

The truth is that if you’re in a dark place, it's hard to be social.

If you have debilitating anxiety, striking up a conversation with someone can be challenging.

In this Explearning livestream, we explore this personal growth topic, which will also help you build a resilient mindset.

Here are some of the points we cobbled together, some of which we cover in the livestream:

Don’t lose sight of your goals

  • what’s your why? (Simon Sinek)
  • intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

Prioritize what’s important

If you are overwhelmed, which can stem from worry then it's a good idea to focus on what really matters.

  • keep your to do list short (3 items at a time)
  • concentrate on the must dos
  • as yourself "what can I do right now?"

Keep Perspective 

Along with this is gratitude and appreciation. Be thankful for all that you have and are. 

  • ad astra per aspera = "through hardships to the stars"

Give your mind a rest

Sometimes we worry because our brain is telling us it needs a break. 

  • doing something fun or creative
  • complete a "creativity drill" where you come up with random words and make associations
  • dancing around to reset
  • get out in nature

Switch the focus

Distract yourself from worrying. We’re no good at multitasking. When you do an involved activity you can reorient your focus to that and that will reduce your worrying. Try activities like:

  • vocab building
  • intense puzzles
  • high intensity workout
  • listening to a podcast

Llive in the now

Treat the present like a present.

  • meditation helps with this
  • every moment lives on it’s own, we can’t relive a moment, so relish it
  • be present in the conversations you have -- to do this focus on listening

Visualize what worrying is doing to you

Take a moment to feel the sensations in your body that the worry is incurring. Is it making your nervous? tense up? shake? What are the feelings and vibrations you're feeling within.

  • imagine worry to be a specific color and visualize it in your body
  • the next time you worry remember the sensation
  • concentrate on how worrying feels (paint the picture of it)

Audit your day

Write down - in the form of journaling or bullet journaling - your activities and your mood every day for one week. Keep track of activities, food and water intake, exercise, etc. 

  • do this for a few days
  • be as descriptive and thorough as possible
  • review the items and their respective descriptions
  • analyze each point and understand the environment in which the worry arises

So these are some of the ways in which we like to reduce anxiety and free up our mind. Because a mind free of worries is a sound mind :) and it is much more conducive to positive social interactions. 

Also, check out this lesson about how to think happy (not anxious) thoughts.

Happy Explearning ⚡