Be HAPPY INSTANTLY with this 3 Mood Boost Techniques
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Learn how to be happy instantly with these 3 mood boost techniques. When you find yourself in a rut or feel sad and down, use these three ways to boost happiness so you feel better right away.

Feeling down? Gotta cloud hanging over your head? I got  you. Here are three ways to be instantly happier. If you want a quick mood booster let’s get to it!


Every now and then it would be nice to have some strategies that can help improve your mood. The three techniques I’m about to share with you are things I do myself.

The first technique to be instantly happier:

What are you grateful for at this very moment?

Maybe you feel immense gratitude for a wonderful partner, great friends, beautiful home, fulfilling job, lucrative side hustle) ; the days where you’re feeling an overwhelming sense of inner joy and gratitude are great opportunities to write down what you’re grateful for, keep track of your gratitude list or gratitude vision board and refer to it on gloomy days where you feel downtrodden, crestfallen or discontent.

Pro tip: record moments, events, kind things people said or did and compile a gratitude list somewhere you can turn to on a rainy day (i.e., gratitude jar, gratitude journal, word doc of things you’re grateful for, visual cues, and other mementos).

The second technique to be instantly happier:

What are Three Ways you could be worse off?

What if it were worse? Essentially you are playing “what if” but in a downward direction. It's a downward social comparison to a possible version of yourself, in an alternate universe,

Think carefully about whatever puts you in a sour mood; think about how that very situation could be worse ; for example say you missed the train three ways that situation could be worse are having also a migraine, falling on your way running to the train station, getting a call from your boss with bad news.

When things don’t go your way or as planned, take a few seconds, and think of three ways the situation could be even more unsavory, then the current situation doesn’t look or feel too bad after all

Pro tip: train yourself to immediately think of how lucky you are to be in the situation you currently find yourself and how it could’ve been way worse but isn’t

The third technique to be instantly happier:

Don’t Dwell, Do

Get out of your own head, stop ruminating or daydreaming, spark action

Do your work, get your workout on, get moving

switching gears will help you reframe your state of mind, and moving your body can give you that endorphin boost and immediate put you in a better mood

inertia can cause us to ruminate, it can stifle productivity and it can keep us in a rut; so overcome inertia as quickly as you can

pro tip: choose a happy activity that will immediately give you momentum and/or spark joy: (1) maybe it’s a carefully curate Spotify playlist (2) maybe it’s a 10 min dance routine from YouTube (3) maybe it’s 20 burpees (4) maybe it’s working on that screenplay collecting proverbial dust on your desktop folder

have a go-to happy activity to propel you forward and create momentum for when you catch yourself ruminating, worrying, complaining or experiencing other symptoms of a sour mood

You’ll be way happier in momentum than in inertia


Familiarize yourself with these three mood boosting techniques when you need that immediate lift in spirits. If you practice and prepare ahead of time you’ll automatically choose one of these techniques to instantly make you happier. Recognize that it does take time to get into the swing of things, but once you do, there’s no stopping you from being in anything but a bright and happy mood! We choose our mood, so let’s choose happiness.  


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