How to Sound Natural While Giving a Speech

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Learn how to sound natural and deliver a speech in a conversational style. Make it sound like an extempore speech even though you've practiced and prepared your talk. I will teach you my favorite speech delivery tips to give a natural sounding talk with conversational style. This will draw your audience in better!

Ok, so you’ve clocked in the prep time hours, you put the work to script your talk and practice aloud.

But now the question is how do I make this sound natural, off the cuff, spontaneous? … in other words not rehearsed.

What’s up Explearners! Today we’re talking about sounding natural and unscripted in your talk. 

Let’s get into the strategies that’ll help you sound prepared, not rehearsed. This is how you can give an impromptu and extemporaneous speech.

Take your script and shred it up! (just kidding) but you do want to get it lean

  • Take out the key words – limit this to no more that 5 words 
  • Ideally 1 word can serve as a memory jolt 
  • Remember it’s all up here, use a word, or an image to trigger your train of thought
  • This will also prevent you from reading off your paper

Practice practice practice

We all know that practice makes perfect 

But what practice really makes is comfortable and confident 

Now that you have your key words in bullet or outline form, we’re talking business

Practice your talk with just the bullets

Embrace the spontaneity 

The beauty? This outlining approach doesn’t tie you to the script

If something comes up organically you are free to address it

If a question arises in the audience, answer it

Every time you give the speech may be slightly different, but there is something special in that and the more spontaneous you sound the more receptive the audience will be

We are not robots, so don’t act like one!

You sound prepared, not rehearsed.

The next time you have a talk, try out these strategies to sound natural when giving a speech. Your conversational style will strengthen your message and your connection to the audience. 

Happy Explearning 🐝