Checking in with Coworkers and Connecting Virtually (Live)

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We talk about how to humanize our digital communications when working remotely. These are working from home strategies that you can add to your toolkit.

When we work from home, it's important to check in with colleagues about various projects and their progress. 

But what's also equally important is to humanize our digital communication.

In this livestream conversation, we discuss three major ways of peppering human elements to our virtual interactions to build trust, establish deeper connections, and build rapport.

If you can attest to the Zoom-fatigue after a day's worth of remote work, then the key takaways from this livestream will come in handy.

We can counteract much of that fatigue by reaching out (albeit virtually) in more authentic, sincere, and meaningful capacities.

Here are the main points from this livestream, which surfaced in the context of humanizing digital interactions during remote work:

Show Openness

  • Approach the interaction with an open mind
  • Maintain open body stance and posture (i.e., when on a video call)
  • Keep an open heart by showing empathy

Ask Sincere Questions

  • Stems from the ability to listen actively which, also demonstrates your leadership skills
  • When we ask the right questions, it shows that we acknowledge the person and validate their feelings

How are you really?

 As you can see, these are some ways of decreasing the cognitive load that comes from routine digital communications. By doing these three things you'll humanize your virtual interactions with people you communicate with remotely. 

Moreover, when you interact face-to-face, the rapport you built, trust you established, and deep connection you cultivated, will carry over to those in-person interactions.

See you in the next lesson and livestream!

Happy Explearning ⚡