Effective Virtual Communication

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What is effective virtual communication? Learn how to master remote collaboration in your online interactions. These strategies will come in handy if you are seeking to improve your virtual communication skills during social interaction, both virtually and IRL.

In this Livestream we discuss some of the challenges of virtual communication. Outlined below are challenges and opportunities specific to both individuals and teams. 

In the conversation we provide strategies you can implement to improve your virtual communication skills and online interactions. 

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Challenges for individuals

  • fear of public speaking
  • feeling put on the “spot”
  • getting interrupted
  • not being able to hold the floor when you speak

Opportunities for individual

  • public speaking practice
  • opportunity to collect thoughts and speak more clearly
  • embrace the natural / authenticity  
  • being cognizant of interrupting and not doing it
  • being aware of how to speak louder and clearer
  • being aware of cadence and the pacing of your speaking  

Challenges for teams

  • emotional connection
  • social loafing is easier
  • not being available or knowing availability  
  • ad hoc nature of meeting if unscheduled
  • emotional resonance
  • zoom fatigue

Opportunities for teams

  • Personalized attention
  • scheduled meetings and more productive
  • ability to increase emotional resonance (using clear video with good image quality, lighting, and using nonverbals)
  • calendar invites for meetings  
  • getting to the point  
  • relaxing and leaning into authenticity  
  • checking in with people (Ask how are you? and check in with signals)
  • checking out: how was this meeting for everyone? On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the quality of the meeting/interactions

Thanks for joining us and we'll see you in the next lesson and Livstream~

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