4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Intrapersonal Communication Skills
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Here are four simple ways to increase your intrapersonal communication skills. If you want easy strategies for improving your inner-monologue also known as self-talk check out this lesson on intrapersonal communication skills.

Interpersonal communication:

  • Dialogue between two or more people


Intrapersonal communication:

  • Dialogue with yourself, self-talk, inner monologues


How to improve your intrapersonal communication skills:


  • Time to be with your thoughts
  • Different types of journaling 
  • Handwriting vs typing 
  • Negotiate innermost feelings/sentiments
  • Powerful for unloading the clutter in your mind
  • Using prompts for journaling (both in writing and illustrations)


  • Dream recall (trainable skill)
  • REM state to remember dreams
  • Getting lost in thoughts
  • Dreams tell us so much about our inner thoughts
  • Meditative but not necessarily mindfulness


  • Pep talk (positive self-talk)
  • Affirmations that empower you
  • Sign of good mental health
  • Effective way to motivate yourself
  • Effective way to push yourself to think critically about what you’re doing
  • Respectful self-talk is key


  • Visualizing certain goals
  • Manifesting dreams and goals
  • Vision boards (digital and analog)
  • Making collages that empower you serving as a constant reminder
  • Imagining what success looks like
  • Setting goal posts and objectives
  • Asking yourself “what would success in this look like” and visualization yourself in that scenario (5 senses)


  • Using these tools in synchrony
  • Practice these strategies to use the intrapersonal muscles
  • Handy for making big life decisions
  • Synergies between these strategies
  • Each in their own right are powerful as well
  • Focus deliberately on nurturing these skills
  • Establishes a firm foundation to interaction interpersonally as well


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