What Makes a Good Manager? (Live)

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Learn what makes a good manager in this Livestream conversation. We discuss the key attributes and characteristics of a competent manager. You don't have to be a manager to find these strategies useful -- you could be spearheading a project or you might find yourself in a situational role from time to time.

Being a good manager is an important skills to harness. 

You might not have the word "manager" in your job title or role at your current company but being able to spearhead a project, lead a group discussion, and take the reins on a client meeting are all situations that involve managerial skills.

In this livestream, we touch upon a few of the most important skills to cultivate when you're in manger mode:

  • listening to needs of the team 
  • having open communication and an open door policy
  • knowing the strength and weaknesses of team 
  • holding the team to high standards
  • upholding the ethos of the company

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