Discover Meaning in Your Life and Daily Routine (Live)

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In this livestream, we discuss ways of discovering meaning in your life and in your daily routines. Living a purposeful life full of meaning helps us enjoy life to the fullest :) How do you live a purpose-driven life?

In this Livestream, we discuss some of the ways we can discover meaning in our lives and daily routines.

“(S/)He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” -Friedrich Nietzsche-

We touched upon these questions during our live conversation. It's a candid heart-to-heart about finding meaning and living a life filled with purpose. We share some of our own experiences with 

  • What is a purposeful life / what is a purpose-driven life?
  • How do you find purpose?
  • Why does having a solid morning routine helps you find purpose? What's the deal with consistency?
  • How gratitude plays a role in finding purpose?

Gratitude is the best attitude (Mary Daphne)

Sometimes when life closes a window, the universe will open a door. 

It's important to keep a positive outlook, have an open mind, and be proactive. If we can do those things, we get closer and closer to discovering purpose and meaning in our life.

Do what you can and then let the universe unfold some beauty and magic upon us.