How To Make Clear And Concise Points Like A Boss
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Learn 3 ways to speak clearly and communicate effectively by making concise points. By getting your point across concisely you will become a more confident speaker. Use these effective communication strategies in the workplace!

Do you beat around the bush? Do people tell you “cut to the chase?” 

Let’s explearn how to get to the point!

One of the most common communication issues I see a cross gender and across industries is the inability to get to a point.

Whether it's persuading an audience, selling a product, pitching an idea, sharing information... you have to have a punchline. You need to be answering the question SO WHAT!

If you cannot get to the point, this is what will happen:

  1. Your audience will lose interest
  2. You’ll get interrupted
  3. You’ll get sidetracked and off-topic

So, let’s not phase out our audience and bore them to pieces.

Here are 3 frameworks to help you get to the point effortlessly, authentically, and gracefully.

(1) SFI

Statement, Fact, Insight.

Provide one statement or comment. Keep it simple. One will suffice. Follow this up with a fact. Use numbers, stats, descriptive language, quotations, whatever you need to back up your statement. Then, drive home your point with an insight. This insight should be authentic, original, and 100% you. Meaning, you should shed light upon the statement by providing your own opinion or understanding. This can be a novel and revelatory concept or your ability to connect the dots using data points.

(2) what - now- then

In this framework, “what, now, then” we add a temporal element to the concept. First, describe the situation. This will help you frame your point. Then verbalize how the situation or issue is affecting the participants now – in real time. Now that the listeners understand the situation and why it’s important to address now, you can close your point by covering next steps. “Then” highlights the proposed action you deem necessary to resolve the issue. So to recap, what’s the situation, how it is affecting us now, and what are the next steps to solve this matter.

(3) know thyself, know thy audience

The third framework you can use to get to your point calls for some introspection and an understanding about your audience. Know your communication style and remain true to yourself. Meaning, don’t communicate in a fake and phony way just to appease the people you are speaking with. However, you should be mindful as to who your audience is so that you can align the message to their interests and worldview. By doing so, you help them understand the point and they feel more invested in the cause. In a nutshell, keep your communication style authentic, while still being mindful of who you’re speaking to.

Happy Explearning 🐝

About the Author and the Explearning Academy:

Mary Daphne is an expert in communication, executive interpersonal skills, and personal development. She is the founder of the Explearning Academy, a platform dedicated to helping individuals enhance their social fluency, boost their careers, and elevate their social game. Through immersive group coaching programs like the Executive Communication Lab and self-guided journeys, participants gain the social superpowers and career catapults they've been searching for. If you're ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level and connect with like-minded individuals, visit and explore the various plans available. Join the Explearning Academy community and unlock your full potential.

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