Keep Failing and You will Succeed - Best Advice Given

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In this Livestream, we discuss how if you keep failing you will eventually succeed. What other best pieces of advice were you given? "Keep failing and you will succeed" best advice given to a lot of people searching for motivational pep talks and inspiration.

Hello Explearners!

In this Livestream, we discuss ways of viewing failure, not as rejection but as part of the learning process. 

We touch upon the following, but for the full conversation check out the video!

  • What is the definition of success (as it is different for everyone)?
  • The dichotomy of success and failure
  • Teachable moments of failure
  • Mindset on failure/how you treat failure
  • How different cultures view failure 
  • Opportunities for failure 
  • What does failure teach us about ourselves?
  • Unpacking “Wisdom in uncertainty” (Deepak Chopra)
  • Fear of change/fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure of what *might* happen
  • Our resistance (as humans) for change
  • Fear setting activity 
  • How to make the “Unknown” a little more "Known"
  • What’s the best advice you’ve been given? (Greg and MD share their advice)

Some more strategies to lead to success: 

  • More shots on goal the better, so keep pushing keep trying, keep husting.
  • The more you try the better chance you have at succeeding
  • Choose how you spend your time wisely
  • The habits you create now will last a lifetime
  • Don’t be afraid of failure, failure is a stepping stone to greatness. Failing is inevitable, it’s what you do with it that counts: do you treat failure as a teacher or as the enemy?
  • Don’t regret anything, look ahead.
  • In your 20’s say yes to everything, say yes to opportunities even if they seem to be off your career path.
  • Embrace constructive criticism, ignore unhelpful criticism (noise)
  • Be part of something big, make the vision bigger than you
  • Balance your day (don’t overtrain don’t push too hard, keep it balanced)
  • Experimental attitude
  • Enjoy life, enjoy the process, trust the process
  • Show up
  • Embrace uncertainty (Deepak Chopra says there is wisdom in uncertainty) – it can teach us something.
  • Take calculated risks
  • Be authentic, keep it real
  • Don’t put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself 
  • When you don’t follow everyone else, you succeed: Forge your own path.
  • Be kind to people along the way, everyone has a role on your path to success

Thanks for joining us and we'll see you in the next Explearning conversation and lesson!

Happy Explearning ⚡