How to Stop Caring What Others Think and Live Your Life (Live)

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Caring what other people think and fearing their judgement is a waste of time. But it's hard to unshackle yourself from this fear. Here are some insights that we share in the live conversation during this Explearning Livestream!

“I’d rather look back on life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than ‘I wish I did that’.” -Richard Branson

Your self-worth is not contingent upon how other's perceive you. So it's high time we stop giving such great importance to the number of likes we have, how many followers or subscribers we have, and other vanity metrics. If you want to live your life, enjoy every moment, and leave nothing to what-ifs or regret, then it's time to start living and stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Realize that people will have their judgements and opinions and there will always be disapproving people. They're displeased with what you did or you didn't do...and guess what, those people will always exist and even if you're the most perfect flawless human in the galaxy, they're still judge you. The reality is that we can't please everyone. Even the most beloved people in the world can't please everyone and are not liked by everyone.

So, you have to make a choice. A very important decision. Are you going to (1) live your life to please others now, but at the end of your life realize that you made decisions you regret? (2) Or are you going to live your life and pursue your curiosities, passions, and interests to live a life of no regret?

It's both an easy yet difficult decision. But it really comes down to living your life and not someone else's life or what someone else thinks your life should be.

And once you start living your life, you'll never want to look back. That's when the magic happens.   

Here are some realizations you'll arrive at when you stop caring what others think:

  • you'll do the things you really want to do in life
  • you'll be your truest self
  • you'll attract people who like you for you and whom you like
  • you'll discover that there's no need for pretense or to have vapid conversations with people who matter not
  • you'll feel liberated and thus happier and more fulfilled

We have a whole, in-depth lesson about how to overcome this type of social anxiety. Check out our lesson on how to stop fearing what others think, which you can find here