How to Give Off a Confident Vibe and Be Less Socially Awkward - Tips for Lowering Social Awkwardness
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Learn how to give off a confident vibe and be less socially awkward. I share 5 tips for lowering social awkwardness in this lesson! If you want to be confident and conquer social anxiety, this lesson is for you!

How to give off a chill vibe be less socially awkward: Tips for lowering social awkwardness

Here are 5 things you can do to give off a chill vibe during social interaction. If you ever feel like you’re being social awkward fall back on these strategies and turn it around.

Let’s get into it


Speak Slow and Low 

When you do speak at a slower, you sound calm and collected. Speaking faster than needed also risks your rambling and possibly even going off on a tangent. A lower pitched voice also shows authority because you are asserting yourself. When you assert yourself people can’t help but respect you. So in this way you’ll also command a room and earn the listeners’ respect.

Be Brief 

You can be brief without being short with someone. There’s a delicate balance that you need to strike here. Your response should be long enough to cover the subject but short enough that it’s interesting. In other words, respond but you don’t need to elaborate or expand unless invited to do so. In which case, the listener will ask a follow up question to invite further discussion. Be succinct. And when you do follow up, give one salient detail as opposed to 10. 

No Random Questions

A savvy communicator is listening well. They don’t ask random questions. Someone giving off a cool vibe is only going to ask questions based on what's always being discussed, meaning they let the speaker guide them toward the question they’ll eventually ask. And there’s no need in asking too personal a question. If the speaker wants to get more personal and go into TMI territory, don’t prevent them, but no need to probe them out of curiosity.

Mirror Them 

A cool communicator is attuned to the person with whom they’re conversing. They mirror them in the subtlest of ways. The savviest among us even do this without the speaker ever noticing. They’re gesticulating vibrantly with their hands; you’re gesticulating vibrantly with your hands. They have a leg crossed over the other. You have your legs crossed too. They are nodding. You’re nodding. Mirroring is an effortless way to establish rapport. When you do that, the speaker has an immediate connection to you. And most of the time, they just feel that closeness without even really knowing why.

No Blurting

Don't blurt out something you end up regretting. Think first and don’t be afraid to put in some pauses and have that extra silence here and there. Have a little filter. You can still be authentic and genuine and speak your mind, but you do that with thinking before speaking.


So these are the five ways to give off a chill vibe be less socially awkward. Using these communication strategies, you’ll lower any modicum of social awkwardness without even trying that hard!

Let quickly recap:

  1. Speak slow and low 
  2. Be brief (not curt or rude but brief, don't elaborate or expand unless invited too, and even then give one detail not 10)
  3. Don't ask random questions, just ask questions based on what's always being discussed meaning let them guide your toward the question 
  4. Mirror them 
  5. Don't blurt out something, think first, have a little filter (you can still be authentic and genuine and speak your mind, but you think before speaking)

Practice these strategies, make them your own, and have them in your back pocket so you can use them! 


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