Tell Me About Yourself

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Learn how to respond to this tough job interview question: tell me about yourself. Learn how to answer this in 3 easy steps so you can ace the interview and get hired. The next time a hiring manager asks you 'Tell me about yourself' or elevator pitch, you'll answer like a savvy communicator.

Today our focus is on answering that terrifying question in interviews… tell me about yourself!

The likelihood of getting this question in an interview is 99.9%. Sometimes it’s served in another shape or form: “So tell me about your background” , “Let’s hear your elevator pitch”, “So tell me, who is [insert your name].” 

And you’d think because we know ourselves so well that we’d be able to answer this question smoothly and flawlessly. Well, unfortunately it’s not that simple. Sometimes we blurt out a non-nonsensical response or share our life story with too much info (TMI) 

I’d like for you to think of this question like a gallery walk that you’re taking the hiring manager on. Instead of analyzing every single piece of artwork in your gallery, you’re only going to stop in front of 3 and deconstruct those.

Step 1: I’m …

Confident compelling statement about who you are

Do not go back to the beginning of your resume

Do not give the hiring manager the story of your life

Do not give too much info (no TMI route)

Lead about what’s most impressive about you right now

Talk about your current position

For example: I’m a cross-cultural communications coach with over a decade of experience in the field of applied linguistics, communication, and teaching.

Tip: Tell them how you want them to see you. Set a good impression

Step 2: Reasons I am qualified

Focus on 2 points (more than that is overwhelming and will lead you astray)

Keep it under 2 minutes total

E.g. I’ve spent the last 10 years in European and Asian countries training professionals and businesswomen and men in cross-cultural communication. I received my second Master’s at Columbia University in the field of applied linguistics. 

Tip: Emphasis on relevant experience and proof of performance

Step 3: Reason I Am Here

This is when you show enthusiasm for the position and why you are passionate about the role and your future contributions. Include one to three sentences for this step.  

E.g. Why am I on YouTube? I want to be able to reach as many people I can because I truly believe that effective communication can improve our lives, our relationships, and our work. I want to share with you what I’ve learned from over a decade of experience coaching, teaching, and doing research. Most importantly I want to help you communicate as your authentic self, to get you closer to becoming the best version of yourself. 

Tip: {Tailor it to more specifics related to the job}. This is where you show you’ve researched them. Wrap up pitch in concise way 

Happy Explearning 🌠