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Q: "Do you feel prepared?"

A: "I think. I just wish I could run it by someone."

Introducing that someone...

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Hi, I'm Mary Daphne, co-founder of Explearning. With an Ed.M from Columbia University, I've been teaching and coaching communications for over ten years.

It amazes me how often we receive requests for quick feedback on a talk or presentation, or how to answer a specific interview question.

Clients are looking for quick, personalized insights.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • daunting interview
  • scary speech
  • tough salary negotiation
  • important client meeting
  • large networking event

Well you're not alone. These are some of the most frequently requested areas for help.

And there's a good reason for that. These high-stakes interactions require you to bring your "A Game". Nothing less will do.

But it can be hard to find someone who can help. Everyone is busy. And we all know your friends are always way too nice with their feedback.

You need someone who is trained and unbiased.

That's why we created Remote Coach.

While I enjoy working closely with my clients on a long-term basis, I know not everyone has time (or the funds!) for a dedicated, personal communications coach.

Remote Coach offers the benefits of your own personal communications coach without any long-term commitments or recurring costs.

With Remote Coach, you get personalized feedback on any communications topic you'd like, whenever you want.

Choose your topic. We'll tackle it together.

Here are some common topics my clients request help with:

  • speaking with clarity
  • sounding professional
  • projecting confidence
  • getting rid of speech fillers
  • using powerful body language
  • navigating cross-cultural dynamics

Many of these topics could benefit from several months of intensive communications coaching.

But sometimes clients are in a rush. They need feedback NOW!

I get it.

Fortunately, for an experienced communications coach, there are absolutely ways to make a significant improvement in a client's communications skills using just a short sample of the client's work.

That's why Remote Coach works.

And guess what? It couldn't be easier to get started.

How Remote Coach Works
Submit Your Video
Provide a link to your video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Instructions provided.
Choose Your Focus
Indicate which communication topic(s) you'd like me to focus on. Anything goes!
Allow 24 - 48 Hours Processing Time
Schedule a Feedback Session
Join me online for a one-on-one feedback session to review your video together.

Not every situation calls for a trained communications coach. But the ones that do can make a huge difference in your life and your career.

This is your chance to get professional, personalized feedback and quality communications instruction, all from the convenience of your home.

You need to bring your A Game. We're here to help.

Ready to get started?