Online Teamwork: Manage Remote Teams & Master Remote Collaboration

Maximize your effectiveness during online collaboration

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Online teamwork demands a higher level of discipline and structure
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Most of us consider ourselves above-average team players.

Of course, mathematically speaking, that’s impossible. We can’t all be above average. *Shrug* Hey, who’s counting.

But what about ONLINE teamwork specifically?

That probably gets a lot more of us scratching our heads.

And this makes sense.

In school, we learned to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our classmates. In the office, we’re next to each other all day. We know the drill.

But what happens when we take each person of the team and pull them way apart from each other, placing them in different parts of a city, country, or even the world?

We get something called “remote collaboration”. And when things go remote, the rules of the game change in a big way.

Processes get more complex, challenges get amplified, and miscommunication abounds.

Fortunately, there are ways to make remote collaboration work for you. In fact, with the right systems in place, online teamwork can be more productive and efficient than in-person teamwork.

In this Explearning course, Greg and I draw from our combined experiences managing a distributed workforce in web-based collaborative environments, to provide a comprehensive guide to online teamwork and managing remote teams.

We break down the complexities of remote collaboration into compact, bite-sized modules, providing you with the key ingredients you need to foster tightly-knit, high-performing teams.

You'll find this course valuable if you match ANY of the following criteria:

  • You want to enhance your teamwork fundamentals
  • You want to be as effective working with online teams as you are with in-person teams
  • You are making the transition from a traditional office to a remote work virtual office
  • You want to maximize the power and benefits of online collaboration

This is also a great course for anyone who spends time working in groups and teams. Most of the strategies covered in this course are fully applicable to any collaborative context, online or in-person.

If you’re determined to be as effective as possible working with distributed teams in remote collaborative contexts, this is the course for you.